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Our Newsletter is produced after the Society and Support Group Committee meetings to let you know about projects being progressed and to keep you up to date with general news.  The current Newsletter Summer 2020 is below.  

You can also view or download previous copies by clicking on the links at the bottom of this page. All the News letter are in .pdf format.


Dear Fellow Llanwenog breeder,

I hope your lambing has gone well and you now have fields full of healthy lambs. At times in the last few months I have despaired of ever seeing the grass grow enough to support ewes and lambs but these are also the times that prove the resilience of the breed and any claims of good feet and hardiness are certainly put to the test. As I write this we are currently sitting under an Arctic air mass but the calendar says it’s spring and the swallows are back so our thoughts should be turning to events we usually associate with warm sunshine and hopefully not too much rain – the spring flock visit and the summer AGM. Please make a note of the dates and try to come if you can – this is your support group and we need your support too. The Society is planning to produce a new booklet to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Society in 2017. This will complement the existing brown booklet published for the
40th anniversary. The new booklet will cover the preceding 20 years together with previously
unpublished historical material & reflect the rebranding of the Society (new logo/USPs etc.).The Society invites contributions for inclusion by way of articles, flock profiles, photographs, advertisements & historical material. For further information please contact Lawrence Jones (Flock 380 Blackhall).

Please remember to check our website (www.llanwenogsheepbreeders.co.uk) as well as the Society website (www.llanwenog-sheep.co.uk) as important events and deadlines are easily missed.

You should all have received your invitation to this event on Saturday 14th May. David Henson is president of the Society this year and has very kindly organised a President’s Day to which we are all invited.

You are warmly invited to attend the President’s Open Day at Bradden, Near Towcester, David Henson founded the Bradden Flock of Llanwenogs in 1994 with six Charndon yearling ewes by Alltrodyn A25. He has always bred them pure and now keeps a closed flock of 34 ewes and followers. The rams used this year are Alltgoch S304, a son of the Royal Welsh Champion in 2011, and Coed-y-Foel U317, who goes back to Anna Henson has a small flock of Balwen

Slapton Flocks of Texels and Blue Texels:

Barbara and Rob Smith together with their two daughters have a mixed farm in the adjoining village of Slapton. They have a well known flock of Texels, founded in 1997, and Blue Texels together with a commercial flock. They currently breed about 180 ewes pure and sell 70 rams annually at Builth Wells, Worcester and other major outlets.

They have a suckler herd of cattle finishing all the calves.

They also have a thriving Bed & Breakfast business and Rob runs the New Inn at Abthorpe.

11.00 – 11.15 am Arrival . Meet in Bradden Village Hall, adjacent to Village Green
11.30 am Inspect Bradden Flock
1.00 pm Lunch (provided) in Village Hall
2.30 pm Inspect Slapton Flocks at Slapton Manor Farm
4.00 pm Tea in Village Hall & depart

Please park vehicles in field where signed in Main Road

Please notify the Society Secretary of numbers attending by Tuesday 10 May , for catering purposes

Support Group AGM Saturday 9th July 2016

This is our annual get-together and a chance to raise issues of interest to you. We try to make the venue as easy as possible for the maximum number of you to come and this year we are kindly hosted by Mrs Rose Jarvis (457 Fox Covert) who is just off the A5 and within easy access of the M1, M6, M69 and M42,an ideal location. Twycross Zoo and the Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre are close by if you want to make a day of it.

10.30 Arrive at Royal Arms, Sutton Cheney, CV13 0AG

All timings approximate of course. Please let me know (llanwenogsg@gmail.com) if you plan to come.

Llanwenog Sheep Society in partnership with Bridgwater College Lambing Funday 2016
The day was an excellent opportunity to talk to George Jones, the recently appointed farm manager, who has not worked with the Llanwenog sheep breed before. So far he has found them to be easy lambing & good mothers with minimal losses. He has also found them to be very hardy & able to cope with recent wet weather better with less lameness than other ewes on the farm. Added to this none have prolapsed & they are easy to handle! He plans to keep the Llanwenog flock at its present size (c.40 ewes) & intends to buy a yearling Llanwenog ram to breed

The day concluded with the presentation of the Trevor Kelland Memorial Bursary to Ben Roberts. He reports that not only is his project is progressing well, but the Llanwenogs are lambing well too. So far none of the llanwenogs have lost any lambs between scanning & actual lambing.

Three counties Rare and Minority Breeds Show Sunday June 19

Despite being in the last tent on the showground we had a good show last year with quite a lot of interest in the breed and visitors to the stand. The highlight was being awarded first prize for our show stand. The judges liked the cohesive message about the breed and the forward
looking aspects of our breed promotion. We have entered the stand again this year as it costs us nothing and we get an entry in the catalogue. As part of entering we receive a few passes which are available to anyone volunteering to man the stand for a couple of hours on a first come first served basis... Please do get in touch if you wish to volunteer. llanwenogsg@gmail.com
Despite low numbers entered in the classes the breed did well as Huw Jenkins’ ewe lamb went on to win best in group (Hill and Heath).

Melton Mowbray Show and Sale 9th and 10th September 2016

Once again we are sponsoring classes at this show and sale as it is a well established event in a central location accessible to most of us. There will be a large variety of rare breeds on show so it’s an ideal opportunity for us to show our breed to prospective buyers who are interested in rare breeds as well as those looking for something different. The show takes place on Friday 9th and the sale on Saturday 10th September. Further details to follow.

Spring Flock visit and AGM 2015

Margaret and Maurice Brain hosted a wonderful spring flock visit last year which was very well attended and much enjoyed. The AGM was also well attended when we were hosted by Philip and Sally Hodges and had the privilege of visiting the Charndon flock.

These are great events so do try to come along this year.

You may have heard talk of EBVs and wondered if it affects you. Well, EBVs or estimated breeding values are unlikely to be recorded for Llanwenogs any time soon but there’s no harm in knowing what is meant and maybe in the future we will participate in the scheme.

Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) provide a measure of the breeding potential of an animal for a specific trait. They take into account performance data collected on known relatives, the relationships between performance traits (correlations) and the degree to which traits are inherited from one generation to EBVs are expressed in the same units as the recorded trait (e.g. kg for eight week weight) and they relate to a common baseline. This baseline of zero relates to the average breeding value of lambs born in the year when the within-flock or across-flock analysis was first produced.

EBVs are easy to interpret, for example:

A ram with an EBV of +6 for scan weight is estimated to have the genetic potential to be 6kg heavier at 20/21 weeks compared to one with an EBV of 0.
A recorded ram will only pass on half of its genes to its lambs so its EBVs must be halved in order to estimate the average genetic worth of its progeny.

Note that EBVs are always only estimates. To calculate an EBV a lot of data is gathered from typical stock representing the breed and after a lot of statistical analysis an EBV is calculated for various traits –
prolificacy, how fast off-spring will grow, how fat/lean they will be, etc. As such a lot of work is involved
EBVs are only calculated for popular commercial breeds such as Texel and Suffolk but also Hampshire Down and some lesser breeds such as the Shropshire also have Signet recorded flocks (Signet is the organisation that collects the data from participating flocks and does the maths). Although a "stockman's eye" is undoubtedly of great value when selecting breeding stock, genetic traits are not always reflected in the animals' looks. The Signet Recording Scheme makes it possible to identify and select animals that have high genetic merit as well as good conformation. You will have your own criteria for choosing which ram to use and this system is just a more sophisticated way of doing much the same thing but with the added advantage of being able to assess hidden genetic worth For further information on EBVs check out this link http://www.signetfbc.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/factsheet_1_estimated_breeding_values.pdf

Sales: Remember that the website has a sales section, particularly useful if you can’t make it to Llanybydder or Melton Mowbray.

Shows: DO support your local show - some have classes for Llanwenogs though usually they are entered in “Any other native breed” or “Hill and Heath Breeds”. We award our own prizes at the Royal Three Counties Rare and Minority Breed Show (19 may win the Whiteparish shield awarded to the flock with the most points won by entering shows in England where there are no specific classes for Llanwenogs.

Please do put the President’s Day and the AGM dates in your diary and I hope to see many
Alison Ayling (Secretary, Llanwenog English Breeders Support Group)

April 2015: New Support Group newsletter issued - see pdf at the bottom of this webpage

July 2014: Flock Visit and AGM at Bridgewater College 12th July 2014

Llanwenog Texel cross lambs at Bridgwater College 2014
How many of you know how many kg of lamb per acre you produce? Well fortunately the students at Bridgewater College have been doing all the measurements and have worked it all out for their flock of Llanwenogs and Texel crosses and the good news is that the Llanwenog is pretty good at the job of producing lamb with minimum input.

We all knew that anyway but it’s great to have it confirmed with the stats to back it up. The students measured just about everything, even how much feed wasn’t eaten, and the figures show that the Llanwenog doesn’t require as much feed to produce comparable weight of lamb as the cross-bred flock. There is still some work to be done but the results we were shown at the AGM and flock visit on 12th July were certainly good reading.

The two students who were awarded the Trevor Kelland memorial bursary have done great work on the Llanwenog project. Our thanks to Steve Jones the farm manager at the college for welcoming us with coffee and cake and giving us a tour of the flock and part of the dairy herd. The college farms 400 acres has 220 ewes (half Llanwenogs, half Texel crosses) 240 milkers with 200 followers and aims to have a beef herd soon.

Flock of Llanwenog and Texel crosses at Brigwater College 2014
They were badly affected by the flooding earlier this year and lost most of the wheat crop. They have a number of research projects on-going including grass trials testing for various attributes including drought tolerance. They are doing some very interesting work with their dairy herd increasing productivity by cutting down on the number of replacement milkers needed each year and the time between lactations by balancing the ratio of protein to energy in the feed, basically not allowing them to get fat. Maybe we could all try that!

We enjoyed a buffet lunch at a nearby farm shop and then got down to business with the AGM. Our thanks to Charles Horton who stepped down as Chairman but remains on the committee, he is replaced by Maurice Greenslade. Lynn Zorab was elected to the committee. These meetings may seem dry and boring to some but it’s a great opportunity to meet up with other Llanwenog breeders, compare notes and make new contacts. There are more and more flocks in England and the support group aims to be exactly that – a support for English breeders whether it’s help with finding suitable livestock or promoting the breed at shows and events. In order to do this effectively the group needs the support of the English breeders - £5 membership subscriptions now due, please send to the treasurer

April 2014:  Stoneleigh Country Show has been cancelled

A letter has been posted on their website explaining that financial pressures have resulted in cancellation - http://www.stoneleighcountryshow.com/

March 2014 - Findon Sheep Fair and Village Festival

Findon Sheep Fair and Village Festival will again this year be taking place on the traditional second Saturday of September. The number of entries in the sheep judging has steadily increased in the last few years and for many small farms and shepherds Findon is very much on their calendars.

Although they do not have a separate section exclusively for Llanwenog sheep they would be very welcome in the Rare and Minority Breeds Section. Last year they introduced a Fleece Section for the first time and this year they are also adding a ‘group of three sheep’ class in each of the sections.

Entry details & forms from Alison Ayling and have a look at their website.
 www.findonsheepfair.co.uk which contains a bit more information and another link to the entry details and entry form.

BRIDGWATER - Lambing Sunday (16 March 2014)
Bridgwater bursary launch 2014

2013/4 Bursary winners:
Zac - 4th from left, David - 3rd from right

A clear sunny day brought what must have been a record crowd to Rodway Farm to enjoy seeing the farm's livestock & the many other attractions including milking, tractor & trailer tours, ferret racing, sheepdogs guiding ducks, bouncy castle, face painting & other assorted stands.

Lambing has been in full swing & despite the well reported flooding in the area which extended up to the back of the farm buildings & destroyed the majority of the winter wheat crop enough grazing has been found to turn out ewes & lambs. The flock was housed just after Christmas in groups according to scanning results & fed on chopped hay, hipro molasses & concentrates.The introduction of chopped hay has successfully prevented a problem with prolapses which occurred when long hay was fed.

The highlight of the day was the official launch of the "Trevor Kelland Memorial Bursary" awarded jointly to Zac Gratton & David Curryer. David has already presented an interim report & the message is loud & clear - under a common system of mangement Llanwenogs are competing well with the other breeds being kept on the farm principally Texels. Farm staff emphasise that they suit the conditions on the farm well, are good mothers & easy to handle.

Finally our thanks are due to Mrs. Kelland for allowing us to establish this bursary in memory of Trevor.

Bridgwater Bursary Offical Press Release - April 2014

September 25th 2013: Findon Sheep Fair a report by Mrs M Brain, Whiteparish Flock

On 14th September, I took the stand to Findon in West Sussex, where I was judging. This Sheep Fair existed for many years under a charter, but closed latterly due to falling numbers forward. It has been revived as a Country Fair with an added Sheep Show. This is an impressive effort, well laid out, excellent sheep in 5 class sections and a friendly atmosphere. I judged Rare & Minority classes having between 9 -14 entries of 8 different breeds.

We were donated Stand space with a gazebo to put it in, in a prime position in the sheep area. The main showgoers (and there were a great many – it is free with lots for kids) were not really ‘sheepy’, but we had a few enquiries and the local Smallholders Group have taken leaflets to distribute, so the flag was flown in a completely new area. Most of the comments were ‘what lovely heads our sheep have’. It would be nice to see our breed exhibited here, but I did win the Shortwool Fleece class with a Llanwenog in a class of 8!

July 18th 2013: Report of the Summer Flock Visit to Glebe Farm CV35 9AE

Llanwenog Sheep Breeders (England) AGM and Flock Visit 2013

Berkshire Pig at Glebe Farm Rare Breed Warwickshire

“Can I really wear shorts to the AGM and flock visit?”

“If you don’t you’ll boil” my able assistant informed me, “It’s to be the hottest day of the year so far” she added.

With not a brolly or rain cloud in sight, though perhaps we could have done with a parasol, fifteen members met for the AGM and flock visit at Mrs Christine Coe’s farm and shop on the Fosse Way on Saturday 13th July. We could hardly have been in a more central location and just minutes off the motorway. Glebe Farm is a credit to Mrs Coe’s hard work as she has built the business up and now sells all she produces on the farm through the shop. The AGM was rapidly concluded as the aroma of Mrs Coe’s sausages and ham wafted in and we enjoyed a delicious lunch of Berkshire pig in various forms.
Llanwenog Sheep at Glebe Farm Warwickshire
Afterwards we had a tour of the farm – over 100 acres with 230 Llanwenog ewes and 12 acres of Berkshire pigs. Mrs Coe emphasised that her customers keep coming back for the flavour of the Llanwenog and really don’t care whether it’s lamb, hogget or mutton. She is very pleased with the Llanwenog and finds the breed suits her ground and certainly the ewes looked in great condition even though the lambs had only recently been weaned. She has a high stocking density but moves them on every couple of weeks – in this way everything is grazed off and nothing wasted. With the price of feed she is very glad of the Llanwenog’s thriftiness and admitted that the sheep subsidise the pigs. We also saw her crop of lambs and even though she lambed really late this year (thus avoiding the vile weather) some looked like they would be heading for the farm shop soon. She said she was surprised that the majority were twins despite last year’s awful conditions – the prolific Llanwenog comes up trumps again, she also commented that she rarely has to intervene at lambing time and has only ever called the vet out twice. It was great to see the breed at the centre of a successful business and really showing the commercial potential of our breed.
Our thanks once again to Mrs Coe for her hospitality and we wish her every success in the future.
If you would like to visit Glebe Farm Shop and Café, the postcode is CV35 9AE. Contact details can be found at: http://www.rarebreedsfarm.co.uk/contact.asp

July 7th 2013: Jill Bennett's (Tallantire) Grand Tour of Shows 2013

A frantic June

LLanwenog Stand at NSA South 2013
The month has been a busy one and a huge thank you needs to be extended to Jill Bennett (Tallantire) who has travelled the length and breadth of the country attending some of the key Shows and National Sheep Association events promoting the breed.

The Bath & West was attended by Jill and Margaret Brain (results on Society site) who regularly fly the flag for the breed. Their enjoyment of this early season show is compounded by the fact that the Llanwenog usually reigns supreme in the ‘Hill & Heath’ classes. 

Sheep North took place in Harrogate at the Royal Yorkshire showground and for the first time in recent years, there was a Llanwenog presence. This is a major event attended by all the significant sheep breeds and provided a good opportunity to gain some new awareness for the breed in this important sheep breeding area. 

The stand was ‘manned’ by Jill, Philip and Sally Hodges and some quality sheep were kindly provided by Rosemary Titley (Whitestone flock). The pure bred ram and a Texel/Welsh mule hog with her Llanwenog cross lamb created a lot of favourable comment. A note from Jill is below:

Sheep South West was held on farm at South Molton with all the Sheep breed stands located in a dedicated marquee.  Margaret Brain attended with her spinning wheel to create some extra interest and a pure bred ram and ewe with Beltex cross twins were provided by Lawrence Jones (Blackhall flock).  A report is on the Main Society site.

And finally the Three Counties Show (RBST Sheep on Sunday) took place. This show is good showcase for the breed with well attended Llanwenog classes – this year they were judged by Margaret Brain (Whiteparish Flock) who had the personal pleasure in presenting her ‘Salisbury Cup’ to the breed Champion. In addition two of the exhibitors entered fleeces into the HILL fleece category – Margaret Brain was awarded 1st prize and Alison Ayling 3rd prize. Results on the Society site.

The season continues with a busy schedule with the AGM and farm walk in mid July, new dedicated Llanwenog show classes at RBST Stoneleigh Show in August and Findon Sheep Fair in September.

March 11th 2013: Lambing Fun Day at Bridgwater College - LLanwenog Flock thriving despite flooded grazing:

Once again Lambing Fun Day (3rd March 2013) at Rodway Farm, Cannington (Bridgwater College) proved an excellent event for Town to meet Country with plenty to see & do both in & outdoors.

Keeping sheep at Rodway Farm has been a challenge over the winter as they all had to be housed in mid December due to flooding of the grazing area. For the first month they were fed silage only & subsequently straw & whole grain have been added to the ration . Despite this approach it has been difficult to prevent sheep putting on too much condition and there have been some problems with footrot. Neither would have been a problem had the sheep remained outside & been housed just four weeks pre-lambing as intended.

Despite all this the Llanwenogs looked well & have started lambing well.

Thanks to the farm manager Steve Jones our stand with new boards was well positioned opposite a pen of Llanwenogs & attracted considerable interest from members of the public wanting to see & hear about the breed. For the Society this resulted in a new flock enquiry & sales of merchandise tripling compared to last year. There is no doubt that professionally designed & produced stand boards with clear messages generate more interest.

Finally we must be grateful to Jim Burdge for his excellent commentaries on Llanwenogs during the day in which he emphasised that their performance equals that of other sheep on the farm & Llanwenog lambs finish earlier than other breeds."
Editor note: Just as we have decided not to take merchandise to any more shows - Lawrence reports the best sales in years of £55 and noted the merchandise helped to draw people to the stand. 


Bridgwater Spring Visit May 2012

There was a good turnout for this eagerly awaited visit to Rodway Farm, where 42 Llanwenog ewes of mixed ages had been purchased by the College last August for a project to compare performance with Texel cross commercial ewes.  We were met by Steve Jones (Farm Manager) and Martin Heal (Lecturer/IT specialist) who ran through progress to date, potential outcomes of the project, issues that had arisen and the data collected so far.

Lambing percentages were down a bit from the scanning percentage and it was felt the initial ‘settling in’ period could be a contributing factor and that perhaps the ewes should have had longer to adjust to their new surroundings. However, encouragingly the 50-day lamb weight gain data showed the Llanwenog to be 1 kilo heavier.  Next year Rodway would consider using a different ram (a Charollais was used this time) and also maybe penning the Llanwenogs separately so that feeding prior to lambing could be monitored more accurately and comparative feed intakes could be evaluated.  Bridgwater would also be keen to purchase more ewes and increase the flock size to 60 to make the results more meaningful. After the data discussions, Martin gave us a demonstration of the electronic reader and we were then taken out to the fields to see the ewes and lambs.  All looked very well and the lambs of a good size.

A delicious buffet lunch was provided at the garden cafe, where we were all able to sit outside and enjoy some very welcome sunshine.  Lawrence Jones gave a vote of thanks to Steve Jones for the very informative and interesting day and it was felt generally that the next 2 or 3 years of independent data would be very helpful and the Society was most appreciative of this opportunity.
18th May 2012: NEW LLanwenog Sheep LEAFLET launched by the Llanwenog Sheep Society.

LLanwenog Sheep Leaflet

To go with the new logo we now have a new brochure. If you are a member of the society and would like some leaflets, please contact the LLanwenog Sheep Society Secretary, Emily Addis, Preswylfa, Dihewyd, Lampeter, SA48 7PN. Tel: 01570 471777.  llanwenogsheep@hotmail.com

At the bottom of this page you can find a low resolution image of the brochure.  The designers have also written an amusing blog about producing the leaflet.  The Society has left a space on the back so you can put you own details on it. 


Llanwenog Wool selected for Olympic Woolsack cushions

The Cumbrian News reports that wool from Andrew & Helen Tomkins, Hallsford flock is being used for some of the cushions which will be gifted to athletes as they arrive at Olympic training camps this summer. The initiative is designed to celebrate British Wool and the cushions will be knitted in Cumbria. The Llanwenog wool was selected because of its bright white hue.  Read more about this.. 

Link to the woolsack website http://www.woolsack.org/

Bridgwater College Update - 12th March 2012

Llanwenog ewes at Bridgwater College continue to flourish & are now well settled in their winter housing prior to lambing expected to start around March 17th. Feed is a TMR (Total Mixed Ration) of grass & maize silage with added blend, caustic treated grain & straw to aid cudding. Scanning results are encouraging with an anticipated lambing percentage of 178%. Steve Jones, the farm manager, considers this a satisfactory result in view of the fact that the ewes have not been on the farm for a full year & came from contrasting backgrounds. The society has arranged a flock visit to Rodway Farm on Saturday May 12th when there will be ample opportunity to view & discuss the flock as well as the opportunity to visit Bridgwater Market earlier in the day. 
The Society Stand was also present at Lambing Sunday at Rodway Farm which is an annual event where town meets country. Visitors were able to see lambing in action, watch milking & see demonstrations of sheep shearing, sheepdogs working with ducks, falconry & horse agility. This was complemented by tractor & trailer farm tours, ferret racing, a bouncy castle, pets corner, food bars & last but by no means least a visit from Pepper Pig. Over 2000 people attended including many young children on what was a dry but cold day. Seeing lambs born was undoubtedly the major attraction & great interest was evident in how all the problems are overcome e.g. Ewes without milk, lambs born backwards etc. As for the society we established a useful contact with the College's marketing department & sold some merchandise. In these turbulent times people are being cautious with their money so it was nothing over a fiver!

Llanwenog Sheep Society in partnership with Bridgwater College

Following an enquiry at NSA Sheep South West & a subsequent visit to the Land Based Studies Centre of Bridgwater College a flock of 42 Llanwenogs has been established at Rodway Farm, Cannington which is managed by Mr. Steve Jones. Ewes in flock ages (2T,4T & 6T) were purchased from the Nell & Langley flocks in late August & were put Charolais rams on 14th October after running with teasers for two weeks.

All ewes at Rodway, including Llanwenogs, now have EID tags & the college have purchased a tag reader, hand held computer & laptop software so all key performance data can be captured, processed & stored electronically. The college are developing a web page solely devoted to Llanwenogs on which all results will be posted as they emerge. First data will appear after scanning in 2012. In this way the society will receive valid independent data about the breed which can be compared with the existing farm flock (Texel crosses) & will hopefully help the society reposition our breed as the natural choice for profitable commercial lamb production.

This project offers many breed promotion & publicity opportunities to the society including the chance to introduce the breed to the many students at & visitors to Cannington. Equally the college gain a valuable teaching resource, publicity opportunities & the potential for trial work. Standards of management are very high at Rodway Farm & there is every prospect that Llanwenogs will do well especially in view of the abundance of clean grazing available. Our thanks are due to the staff at Cannington (Jim Burdge-lecturer, Martin Heal-lecturer/IT specialist, Rob Giles-lecturer & Steve Jones-Farm Manager) who are all very enthusiastic about this venture.

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