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Send us your witty cation for the photo below. Closing date end of August 2013.
Please submit your suggestions via email:
Lawrence Jones with Llanwenog Sheep Stand 2013

Any amusing photos for future editions are also welcome

The final and festive caption competition of 2012 

And the winners were...... The Aylings - The B Team....with:

"Don't ask...."

The Winning Caption for the third competition of 2012:
 "Pass the paper please"

  Submitted by the A team (alias Aylings)


 The second winner of 2012:

"I'm just checking for the benchmark"

Ann Jones, Llanwrda

The first winner of 2012 was...

"Mmmm, I wonder if this is a ewe tree........"

Submitted by: Ken Wilk, Hull.
 November 2011's winner was.....

"Right, I've had my 2 veg - now it's time to move on to the meat..."

Submitted by: Alison Alying and Family
Congratulations AGAIN! to The Aylings 
"I hope my bum will look big in this" - caption
Submitted by: Alison Ayling. 

The winning caption:


 “Get off! I have higher aspirations than becoming dog food”


Submitted by: Alison Ayling

The winning caption:


 “I know you want to be placed above me Huw, but this is just ridiculous!”


Submitted by: Lynwen Jenkins


The winning caption:
“Just stop talking for a moment so that I can give you a kiss”
Submitted by: Sally Hodges, Bicester

"Should have gone to Specsavers"

Submitted by Jill Bennett, Meysey Hampton