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Market Sales Reports 2010

South Molton Market 9th December 2010



Llanwenog X Beltex finished lambs achieved top price per kilo L.Wt. at South Molton Market (N Devon) on Thursday 9th December.  These lambs from the Blackhall flock no.380 averaged 38.6 kg L.Wt & sold for £1.80/kg =£69.40/head. As always quality will out.

Official Show & Sales:

Llanybydder: Held on the
28 Aug 2010 - results can be found on the LLanwenog Sheep Society Website

A market sales report for the above two shows can be found further down this page.

Other Traditional & Rare Breed Sales include:

Melton Mowbray
- 11 September 2010 - There was a limited entry of stock at the sale this year and with plenty of buyers present all entries were sold and excellent prices obtained. Yearling ewes reached 120 guineas  (average £124.25). Ewe lambs also reached 120 guineas (average £126).
York - 1st and 2nd October 2010 - This is the second year that Llanwenogs have been sold at this venue and all stock entered was sold. They gained a high profile at the sale as the Yearling Ram was awarded Interbreed Champion. This Ram sold for Guins 450. The Yearling Ewes averaged Guins 120 (with a top price of Guins 140). For full details look out for the Rare Breeds Results on the York Auction Centre website (you will need to register and log on to view the information when it becomes available. 
Llanwenog Support Group - Market Sales Report

The shepherd’s year begins with the selection of breeding stock and thus the breed society’s official Autumn show and sales.

The first was held at Llanybydder Mart, on Saturday of the August bank holiday weekend. This year, for the first time, the ewes and ewe lambs were shown and sold in pairs as well as the standard pens of 5. Trade was very brisk with record prices being achieved. The quality stock sold in pairs proved a temptation for both starter flocks and top ups for established breeders with buyers paying a premium (up to 20%) for these entries.

The average price for a pen of 5 yearlings was 98 guineas (top price paid 145gns), with pairs averaging 120gns, up to 150gns. The record for the day was 165gns for a single ewe.

Ewe lambs also sold well with prices above the current (high) meat value. The av. price for a pen of 5 was 67gns and 79gns for a pair (with a top price of 105gns).

The Ram display is always a feast for the eyes as they are shown in the traditional way in the courtyard at the rear of the mart. With a significant number of entries – esp. for yearling rams - and an increased upset price (200gns for Rams and 150gns for Ram lambs) the sale ring is always a test. An exceptional 640 gns was achieved for the 2010 Royal Welsh Champion Ram. The average trade was 308 gns for the Yearlings, 320gns for the Older Rams and 273gns for Ram Lambs.

The Worcester sale took place on the first weekend of September. This sale is held on the same day as a store/prime lamb market day in the hope of attracting new commercial buyers. There were a significant number of Ewes entered which made for a buyers market and lower prices. This situation makes the Llanwenog competitive vs the current £120-130 trade for commercial cross breeding ewes. The pairs sold well with the yearlings achieving an average of 80gns and ewe lambs 65gns with an excellent top price of 100gns. However the trade for the pens of 5 was slower with prices averaging 75.5gns and 60gns for the ewe lambs.

There were only a few Rams sold and prices were on the whole in line with the upset price of 200gns