Llanwenog Sheep

The Llanwenog Sheep is Economic, Easy to Manage and produces Excellent Quality Meat

photo of LLanwenog Sheep Leaflet

The Llanwenog is the VERSATILE NATIVE breed

You can download a copy of the leaflet at the bottom of the home page

Which is:

•suitable for both the commercial farmer & the smallholder

•suitable for a range of environmental situations & management systems

•quality lamb good for supermarket, export and niche markets


•economic production - prolific, high weight of lamb per weight of ewe, medium size (lower maintenance costs, higher stocking rates), longevity

•good temperament (docile), lack of wanderlust and easy to handle

•produces quality carcases across a range of terminal sires as well as the purebred

•‘Welsh Sheep’ virtues - easy lambing, good mothering ability & high quality tasty meat

The Llanwenog Sheep Society website provides details about the breed, flock registration & society membership and merchandising.
To help with selection of stock for breeding, below is the ‘Llanwenog: type of excellence’ standard to aim for.”  





Fine and Hornless. Black and free from speckles. A small tuft of wool on forehead. At times, this tuft extends in a thin line to join neck wool immediately in front of ears, but a distinct break is preferable 

Excessive or dark wool on head. Brown or white patches of hair on face. Bad mouth with overshot or under-shot jaw. Definite horns on either sex (scurs permissible) 


Short and thin, set at elevated angle of about 20 degrees. Distance between ears comparatively narow. 

Very large and low set. 


Compact with a fairly short neck, well sprung ribs, strong loin and full thighs. Standing squarely on legs. 

Poor size or weight for age 


Black and free from speckles. No wool below knees and hocks. 

Poor feet and low pasterns 


Rather short, dense and of fine texture, free from kemp and black fibres (broglo). Weight of fleece - two to two and a half kilos. 

Loose or open fleece. Brown or black wool on body. 


 Docked in line with the minimum length specified in current Animal Welfare Regulations

Docked too short.