LLanwenogs for Sale

The Llanwenog is the VERSATILE NATIVE breed

Llanwenog Sheep are Economic, Easy to Manage and produce Excellent Quality Meat

STOCK FOR SALE can be found at this link

LLanwenog Sheep Photographs

Which is:

•suitable for both the commercial farmer & the smallholder

•suitable for a range of environmental situations & management systems

•quality lamb good for supermarket, export and niche markets


•economic production - prolific, high weight of lamb per weight of ewe, medium size (lower maintenance costs, higher stocking rates), longevity

•good temperament (docile), lack of wanderlust and easy to handle

•produces quality carcases across a range of terminal sires as well as the purebred

•‘Welsh Sheep’ virtues - easy lambing, good mothering ability & high quality tasty meat

Well, here are some facts:


LLanwenog Sheep Leaflet

Ewe size:

Lambing percentage: 180% +

No. crops of lambs: 7+

Ease of handling: 100% of breeders mention ease of handing

Quality carcass weights: 17-20kg – even finished slow on grass.
You can download a copy of the Llanwenog Sheep leaflet below.


If you are looking for stock there are two official Breed Society Show and Sales in the autumn. The stock at these sales is registered & inspected and the ring is always a good test of quality.
Additionally, Llanwenogs are sold at a few of the RBST supported Traditional & Rare breed sales across the country. And, of course, many breeders sell stock privately. Details of local breeders are available in the flock book. Alternatively, you can contact the Society Secretary, your local Area Rep. or look at the Llanwenog Sheep for Sale adverts on the "Private Stock Sales" page of this website and also in the "Adverts" section of the main LLanwenog Sheep Society website
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